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Hope your Thanksgiving has been relaxing and full of good food 🙂 Just wanted to stop in and share about a website I recently learned about called Influenster. I heard about them and decided to go ahead and sign up. It’s actually really cool–all you have to do is sign up, link your social media accounts to earn badges, and they send you FREE stuff to review! It’s super easy. I haven’t been chosen for a shipment yet, but you know as SOON as I do, I’ll be posting about what they sent me 🙂 The whole purpose of the program is to spread the word about great products, write reviews, use the review on the site to help guide your own personal purchases, and interact with other users. I’m excited to get started. Stay tuned!

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P.S. Go sign up!


Hey Curlies!

So, this is another product I got on my Curlmart Haul. I’m STILL in desperate need of a good deep conditioner (DC). This product has great reviews online, so I decided to give it a shot.

I washed my hair as normal and applied the product in smell sections, twisting up my hair once I was done applying the conditioner to each section. I used a generous amount for each section. It went on okay–not a lot of slip, but it was okay because I didn’t need to detangle. I got the “Strawberry Ice Cream” scent, but I don’t really like the smell, doesn’t really smell like strawberries to me. I let it sit overnight, like I usually do when I DC. I also applied some of my oil mixture of Sweet Almond oil with 2 drops each of Rosemary & Peppermint essential oils. The next morning, I rinsed it out. I’ve done this about 4 times with the Curl Rehab, and I pretty much get the same results each time.

It’s an okay deep conditioning treatment. Not bad, but not amazing. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, just because it’s a little expensive ($20) for a product I don’t LOVE. It was just *eh*.  SO I’m still on the hunt for the perfect DC. My hair is so particular, it’s ridiculous! I need something super rich and ultra moisturizing. My hair loves protein and rich moisture. One day I’ll find a great DC. Until then, I’ll finish using up this Curl Rehab.

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I recently discovered a new vlogger that I absolutely love: NurekaD. She’s so fun to watch and I LOVE her accent! She recently posted a review of a new product line, Sister’s Keeper, which sounds amazing and I definitely want to give them a try! I actually just ordered the Sunburst shampoo bar, the black soap, and goat milk bars. Peep her review below.



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