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Okay, so maybe the fact that this wash-n-go regimen is done on DRY hair disqualifies it as a “wash-n-go”….but whatever. Go with me 🙂

Background Story

I have to start by saying that this regimen came about due to the fact that for years I’d been doing wash-n-go’s, and couldn’t figure out why my hair was ALWAYS dry when I did them. No matter what conditioner/leave-in I used, no matter how much I deep conditioned, after my hair dried, it was just rough and felt like a Brillo pad. Recently, I’ve been researching information on hair porosity, during which I stumbled upon a blog post by Elle of Quest For The Perfect Curl. This was probably the MOST helpful and the information was broken down enough for me understand (Thanks, Elle!).

From my research, I realized that my hair is definitely high porosity. I don’t believe it’s necessarily heat damaged or unhealthy–my cuticles are just often more raised than normal. This causes my hair to suck up moisture very quickly; and since my hair cuticles are raised, the moisture leaves very quickly as well. During this process, by the time my wash-n-go is completely dry, my hair is often more dry than it was before I applied my product(s)! Also, in my research I read that high-po hair holds a LOT of water. The hair strand can only hold so much moisture. So, this is what I figured–if I’m starting my wash-n-go on soaking wet hair, my hair strands are already full of water. Thus, the product I’m applying on top of all that water isn’t really moisturizing my hair like I want it to. I wanted my hair to soak up more of the moisture from the conditioners I’m applying versus only soaking up the water. When my wash-n-go’s on wet hair dried..they completely dried OUT–NO moisture was retained. So this brings me to my solution……..*drum roll*……(lol)

Wash-N-Go on DRY (not wet) Hair

This is a wash-n-go regimen that I’ve been experimenting with. I haven’t seen anyone else do this, it’s just something I made up and hoped would work lol. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now, and for my hair, it works like a CHARM. My hair is SOFT, moisturized, curls are defined, and best of all–it lasts me ALL WEEK. For the first time EVER, I’m getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th day hair. So here’s what I do:

1. Wash and de-tangle my hair the night before I want to style it. For example–to begin the work week on Monday, I wash my hair Sunday night. I blot out as much water as I can, separate it into sections (I do about 8-10), and apply a little water-based leave-in conditioner–just enough to moisturize it a little. Twist it up to dry overnight.

2. The next morning, once my hair is dry, I apply my product to my hair, which is already in sections from the night before. To each section, I apply a water-based leave-in, a thicker leave-in or moisturizer, shea butter mixture to seal, and a gel on top to hold the curls. Shingling, or finger combing, products through my hair works very well for me.

3. At night, I just sleep with my satin bonnet.

4. In the mornings–to refresh, I spritz with a TINY bit of my water/conditioner mix, fluff out, and GO! Literally takes me 2 minutes, if that.

Things to Note:

**The key to this regimen is using products that you know work well on your hair. All of the products I used are ones that I know my hair responds well to. With high porosity hair, it’s necessary to layer moisture into the hair, which is why I use 4 products (leave-in, moisturizer, sealant, gel).

**Because I’m applying product to DRY hair, I had to use a lot more of my leave-in to get my hair to the point that I could finger through it. Water helps to spread product throughout the hair. So, because I didn’t have that water to help get the product around, more of my leave-in (or whichever product is applied first) was needed.

**Even though I had to use more product initially to style my hair, my style lasted ALL WEEK, as opposed to me having to wet and do my hair every single morning before. So, it evens out in terms of how fast I’m going through my products.

**Everyone’s hair is different! This works awesomely for me, but it may or may not work for your hair. If you’re a high-po natural and are having issues with dry wash-n-go’s, I think this is a method worth trying. It works well for my sister & I, so if you’d like to be my guinea pig (lol), feel free to try this, and let me know how it goes! 😀

Week 1-Day 5

Week 2-Day 5



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