The hair

Hair history:

First relaxer: 9 years old

Last relaxer: July 2009

BC: July 2010

Fresh from my BC–length check. July 2010


Why I went natural:

It started out as something my sister wanted me and our other sister to do with her. She wanted to go natural, but didn’t want to do it alone. Reluctantly, we decided to do it with her. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to see what my natural texture actually looked like–I had no idea. One main reason I decided to put down the creamy crack was because I have very fine, thin hair. When relaxed, my hair is LIMP & dull and could never hold a curl. I was having to “refresh” and bump my ends every day with a flat iron (horrible, I know). I wanted my hair to have a fuller, thicker look and texture. I knew I wasn’t going to get that if I continued getting relaxers.

ANYWAY–several years later, and I’m still natural. I transitioned for a year and then BC’d. Ironically–my sister who started this whole thing went back to relaxers very shortly after starting her “natural hair journey” lol. Crazy how things work out!


Ignore my expression lol. This is a flat twist out!


Hair Description

TEXTURE/DENSITY: As mentioned above, my hair is very fine and very thin. If you have an aerial view of my head from the top, it actually looks like I’m balding :-\.

POROSITY: My hair is high porosity and has the tendency to be EXTREMELY dry. For years after my BC, my hair was ALWAYS matter what I put on it and how much, it was always dry. Thankfully, I’ve figured out a way to combat that dryness–FINALLY!

LENGTH: As far as length goes, my hair is kinda-sorta in layers. When I BC’d it was initially cut in layers. For the most part, they’ve grown out, but the front of my hair is still a little shorter than the back.  The longest part of my hair is about APL (arm-pit length). The shortest part reaches an inch or so past my chin.


CURL PATTERN: I don’t really get hung up on curl patterns or “hair typing” because when it really came down to taking care of my dry hair, my curl pattern was irrelevant. It was knowing the porosity of my hair that helped me to better care for it. *Steps off soapbox* I would say the majority of my hair is somewhere between a 3c and 4b. Most of my hair consists of a ton of springy curly coils with TONS of shrinkage. But I also have a patch in the front that’s like a 2c. Dumb, right? Lol. As you can probably hair is a hodge-podge of curl patterns. 🙂





With all of that said–my mission is simply to grow THICKER, healthier hair. I’ve never been able to retain length too far past my shoulders. I attribute that to not paying much attention to my ends (the oldest, most fragile part of the hair strand) in addition to the fact that my hair is already very thin, fine, and prone to breakage anyway. SO–here’s to stronger, healthier hair! 🙂


Flat Twist Out – August 2014


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