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Hey Curlies! 🙂

As I’ve discussed here before, having high porosity hair can really be a pain sometimes, as it causes my hair to not retain moisture as well as I’d like it to. (I discuss my hair porosity and issues I’ve had more here, if you’re interested).

Anyway! I recently went to a hair stylist for the first time in years to have my hair straightened. I’m a little traumatized from having horrible heat damage before, so I only have it straightened maybe once per year. Am I being dramatic? Probably so, but whatever! Lol. So, while at the appointment, my hair was given a deep conditioning steam treatment. I had never had a steam treatment before, but I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?

Well, fast forward 2 weeks later when I washed my hair and returned to my curls (finally!). My hair was SO soft and fluffy when I went back to my wash and go! Usually, as I mentioned, I have trouble with getting my hair to retain moisture. As a result, I typically have to layer a bunch of products and conditioners along with an oil..blah blah..and it’s usually STILL dry/crunchy for the first few days. But this time…my hair felt AMAZING for the entire week! And here’s another kicker…I had only used ONE conditioner and sealed with my oil mixture.

This may seem so minor to some people, but for me, this is MAJOR. To go from having to layer product on top of product and using ridiculous amounts of oil only to STILL have dry hair can be REALLY frustrating, to say the least. The only thing I can think of that is different about my hair is that: 1) I got a trim, and 2) I had a steam treatment!

Have any of you who have high porosity hair ever had a steam treatment? How did your hair respond?

If you have high porosity hair and have never had one and you’re open to it, please try it and let me know your results! I’ve tried to research this topic, but there is not much information on the internet about high porosity hair in general and I’ve found nothing about steam treatments on this type of hair. If THIS is how my hair responds to it, I definitely need to incorporate it into my regimen!


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Hello Curlies! 🙂

It’s been forever, right? Don’t judge me! Just popping in to say I’ve updated my favorite products/HG list. It’s actually changed a lot over the past couple of years!

If interested, you can find it here!

Thanks for reading, I’ll post again soon! Xoxo