Simplified Regimen: High Porosity Hair

Posted on: April 17, 2013

Greetings, Curlies!

It’s been a while, but I wanted to be sure I came on to document a recent discovery about my hair! If you’ve read any of my previous posts, a huge part of my “hair journey” has been figuring out how to care for my very high porosity hair. Previously, I’ve written about my regimen being washing my hair once per week, applying multiple products for wash and go’s, etc…


Recently, I’d been a little lazy with my hair and I went a weekend without washing it. Surprisingly, my hair still looked good! So, I wanted to experiment..I went another weekend without washing hair STILL looked good! Lol. Long story short, I realized that I don’t necessarily need to wash my hair every week. I think I’ve been able to go longer in between washed recently because I’ve found a new staple conditioner! With this conditioner, I don’t have to apply multiple products to my hair for my wash and go’s. ALL I need is this conditioner, and my wash and go’s are BOMB. Because I’m only using one product in my hair, there’s not as much build-up on my hair, meaning I can go longer in between washes.

So, now all I do to my hair in the morning is spritz with water, rake through my conditioner, and that’s it! I’ve even discovered that I can also refresh my hair in the mornings using coconut oil instead of conditioner. Loving it!

This new conditioner has simplified my LIFE: Shea Moisture’s new leave-in is AMAZING. I’ll have to do a post on that alone lol. This just proves that finding the right conditioner can totally alter the way you take care of your hair. If you still haven’t found that product that conditions your hair and gives you what you’re looking for–KEEP SEARCHING because once you find it, it’ll be SOOO worth it!

If you have any questions that I haven’t answered here, feel free to ask below 🙂

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to "Simplified Regimen: High Porosity Hair"

Hi! I have read your entire blog and from what I understand your hair is very similar to mine. I have a ton of questions I really hope you have the time to answer. I also have high porosity hair, and I have just recently started taking real care of my hair, so I’m a newbie to all of these expressions.. What do you mean when you say “wash n go”? I’ve tried to search for what it means, but nobody really says anything about what “it” is, just how you do “it”. Also.. What is your routine/regime now that you say you only use one product? What about deep conditioning and sealing the deep conditioning? What do you mean when you say “I can also refresh my hair in the mornings using coconut oil instead of conditioner.” When do you comb your hair? Or detangle it – if you wash it so rarely? What is your night routine? And also.. Always when I apply product to my hair (when it’s dry) it starts looking and feeling greasy and icky.. and just.. ugh.. And sometimes even rough and icky at the same time.. In all your pictures it looks as if you’ve just come out of the shower. I just don’t understand how you can get it to look so nice, and not greasy-ish if you know what I mean. And how do you maintain your beautiful curls overnight without ruining them? I’m jealous. lol. Keep blogging btw!

Hey Hanna! Lol thanks for the comment. I’ll try my best to answer all of your questions.

1. Wash n go: for me, a wash n go just means I start with wet or damp hair. I then take my hair in sections and rake through whatever product(s) I’m using that day. I guess for me it’s not as effortless as some other forms of the wash n go are. I can’t just roll over in the mornings, fluff my hair and ‘go’ lol. I kinda have to re-do my hair every morning. I do wet it every time I do it. I tried different ways to preserve my hair overnight (pineapples, using more gel, etc) and NOTHING works for me. So, I just keep my spritz bottle of water handy.

2. My every day routine is pretty much what I just stated above in the wash m go explanation. I wet my hair, and apply/rake through product in sections. I used to use multiple products, but that new Shea Moisture leave in is awesome and my hair is moisturized without having to use a gang of products.

3. Refreshing: by “refreshing”, I just mean re-doing my hair. Again, all I really do are wash n go’s, so when I refresh, I’m just wetting my hair and applying more product to define my curls again. When I was using multiple products for my wash n go’s and re-doing my hair every day, naturally it was causing a lot of build up and gunk on my hair. In my revelation about coconut oil as a refresher, I just meant that I could wet my hair and only apply coconut oil to my hair (raking it through on sections) to refresh/re-do my hair in between washes.

4. Combing: I rarely comb my hair. It’s pretty fine and I rarely get horrible knots. Because I’m raking product through my hair just about every day, I’m detangling daily as I do my hair.

5. Night routine: don’t really have one lol. I just slap on a satin bonnet. Like I said, pineapples and such don’t really work for my hair, so I just stopped trying lol. My hair is very fine and soft, so it doesn’t hold curls well anyway. Even when I was relaxed, curls never held long in my hair. Not sure why.

6. I know what you mean about your hair being icky when applying product to dry hair. My hair never does well when I try that, which is why I always wet it when I do it. ALWAYS. lol. And my hair soaks up product so much that it rarely gets greasy. When it does start to, I know it’s time to wash it.

*wipes brow* lol I hope this helps you! Thanks for reading/commenting!

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