*My* BEST Twist Out…EVER!

Posted on: August 13, 2012

I stressed the “my” in the title of this post, because I know everyone has their way of doing their twist outs. For the most part, I’ve seen two methods of the twist out–wet or dry. The wet twist out is done, of course, on wet hair and allowed to dry overnight or under the dryer. Untwist, pull apart, fluff out, boom. The other method (dry twist out) is done pretty much the same way, from what I’ve seen, just on dry instead of hair.

Now again, my hair is rebellious and different and doesn’t seem to respond well to conventional/”normal” ways of doing certain styles (like the wash and go, for which I had to discover my own way of doing it, detailed here). My hair has NEVER responded well to twist-outs…no matter how I tried them (wet, dry, on clean hair, old wash-and-go hair, etc.), they very rarely worked out for me. I eventually gave up on them until very recently I decided to give it another go. When I deep-condition my hair, I apply the conditioner in sections and twist my hair up as I go along. I’ve been noticing that when I take those twists out, they’re always BANGIN lol. I started to wonder why those twists end up looking sooo nice, but my twists once they dry are…*womp womp*…total fails.

Thus..I decided to try another twist out. This time, I did it how I normally did before–wash my hair, twist it up while it’s wet, and let it dry overnight. But, I changed my untwist & fluff out method. This morning, before untwisting each twist, I sprayed each one with my water/aloe/glycerin mixture to dampen them up. After they were all un-twisted, I went through my hair and applied a little of my styling product (this time, it was Carol’s Daughter’s new Hair Milk Pudding) as I pulled the hair apart more and fluffed it out.

…..*sigh*…when I say this is the BEST twist out I’ve EVER had…I do mean, THE best!!! It’s BIG (well, big for me, considering my hair is very fine), fluffy, defined, SOFT, it has body & movement…ugh…it’s awesome lol. After 3 years of being natural, I FINALLY figured out a twist out method that works for my hair! I’m so excited..y’all just don’t understand….whew! Peep the pics below..even though they don’t even do my hair justice! Oh, and if you’re on instagram, I’m always posting pics of my hair lol, find me there @trulycoilyme 🙂


Til Next Time!



4 Responses to "*My* BEST Twist Out…EVER!"

Beautiful! 🙂

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