Getting to Know Your Natural Hair

Posted on: August 11, 2012

It’s impossible to develop an effective regimen for your hair if you haven’t taken the time to really get to KNOW your hair–what it likes, what it hates, what it loves, what it just doesn’t care for, etc. I’ve been wearing my natural hair for 2 years now, and I’m JUST NOW beginning to really understand my hair, which makes it a little easier looking for products–Key Word: LITTLE lol.

I’ve seen so many “natural hair care tips” giving general advice on how naturals should apply product to their hair. From my own experience, I’ve learned that those tips should never be taken as hard and fast rules. Taking them to be facts and believing that I had to do my hair that way really put me in a box as far as hair care, and caused me to stick with a method that wasn’t working just because I thought it’s what I was “supposed” to do. For example–I’ve heard it said many times that it’s best to apply product (leave-ins/conditioners) to soaking wet hair. I did this for years because I thought it was the best method. Even though my hair always ended up dry, I assumed it was the products I was using, but it was actually the WAY I applied them that was messing me up. Personally, my hair responds best when I apply product to DRY hair. Making that simple adjustment DRASTICALLY changed the way my hair responded to products—and I do mean drastically.

My point is that I’ve learned that what works best for one (or many), may not work best for me. If a method or regimen or product isn’t working for you–don’t be afraid to change it and experiment with other options. You DO have options! PAY ATTENTION to how your hair reacts to certain products. If necessary and if you’re trying a lot of different products/methods/regimens, JOURNAL IT! Write down everything you’re doing to your hair so that if, for instance, at the end of the week, you notice that the deep conditioning regimen you used the weekend prior kept your hair moisturized throughout the week, you’ll be able to easily go back and see exactly what you did. Be creative, think outside of the box, but DON’T STOP until you find a method, regimen, or product (s) that works best for your hair. Happy experimenting! 🙂


Til Next Time!



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