ANOTHER “Natural Hair” Blog?!?

Posted on: July 26, 2012

Answer: YES, another natural hair blog. 🙂 I went back and forth for months about whether or not I should start this blog. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to; but I kept asking myself–“Why should I become #19,928,553 in a world where EVERYONE seems to have a blog???

Well, here’s how I feel: I’ve watched a lot of natural hair videos and read a lot of natural hair blogs. I’ve seen a lot of routines and regimens, product reviews and hair tutorials, a lot of which simply don’t work for me or my hair. So, I’ve had to develop my own way of doing my hair that I haven’t really seen any where else. Now, my goal with this blog is NOT to revolutionize natural hair care. Lol..not at all. Really, I just want a centralized location to track my hair growth/progress. I know everyone’s hair is different, but mine seems to be…EXTRA different, so I just want to offer my findings and thoughts on certain subjects as *I* have experienced them. If someone can benefit from my years of agony over perfecting my wash-n-go, GREAT! 🙂 

I am NOT a hairstylist. I am NOT a hair expert. I am not any sort of hair professional. Everything expressed on this blog will just be my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years from various sources. For detailed info about my hair, please click here: The Hair. If you’d like to chat about hair care or have a question about anything I post here, I’m on twitter and instagram: @trulycoilyme. 


Thanks for visiting! ^_^


2 Responses to "ANOTHER “Natural Hair” Blog?!?"

Well I’m glad you made this blog! Me and you are hair twins and it was great to read through your posts. I’m inspired! #teamhighporosity!

Lol thank you! I used to think I was alone..I hear so many naturals say their hair is low porosity!

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